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Kerri L Russell bio

Kerri L Russell

Research Interests:

  • Japanese historical and comparative linguistics
  • Ryukyuan language and linguistics
  • Japanese phonology and morphology
  • Old and Middle Japanese languages
  • Old and Middle Korean languages
  • Language contact, change, and development
  • Linguistic anthropology

Current Projects:

Recent Publications:

  • 2011-Present. Frellesvig, Bjarke, Stephen W. Horn, Kerri L. Russell, and Peter Sells. The Oxford Corpus of Old Japanese. http://vsarpj.orinst.ox.ac.uk/corpus/corpus.html
  • 2016b. Irwin, Mark, Miyashita, Mizuki & Russell, Kerri L. 'The Rendaku Database v3.0.' http://www-h.yamagata-u.ac.jp/~irwin/site/Rendaku_Database.html
  • 2016a. Russell, Kerri L. 上代東国語の移動動詞について ― コーパスによる研 究― (Motion verbs in Eastern Old Japanese: A corpus based study). In Takubo, Yukinori, John Whitman, and Hirako Tatsuya, ed. 『琉球諸語と古代日本語』 pp. 39-56. くろしお出版 Kurosio Publishers, Tokyo.
  • 2015a. Russell, Kerri L. and Peter Sells. "The syntax of mood constructions in Old Japanese: A corpus based study." Proceedings from the International Conference on Historical Linguistics 21. pp. 281-302. John Benjamins.
  • 2015b. Horn, Stephen Wright and Kerri L Russell. "The Oxford Corpus of Old Japanese." In 「コーパスと日本語史研究」 Corpus-Based  Historical Studies  in Japanese. pp. 177-195. ひつじ書房 Hituzi Syobo Publishing , Tokyo.
  • 2013a. Russell, Kerri L. "Motion verbs in Eastern Old Japanese: A corpus based study." 琉球諸語と古代日本語に関する比較言語学的研究/Workshop on Old Japanese and Ryukyuan Languages. University of Kyoto.
  • 2013b. Frellesvig, Bjarke, Stephen W. Horn, Kerri L. Russell, and Peter Sells. "Provisional and Conditional Clauses in Old Japanese." In Ozge, Umut, ed. Proceedings of the 8th Workshop on Altaic Formal Linguistics. MIT Working Papers in Linguistics, 67, 65-78.
  • 2012a.  Russell, Kerri L. "Noun incorporation in Old Japanese (上代日本語における名詞抱合について)". 通時コーパスと日本語史研究 Corpus based studies of Japanese language history, 51-52 Tokyo: NINJAL.
  • 2012b. Russell, Kerri L. and Stephen Wright Horn. "Verb semantics and argument realization in pre-modern Japanese: A corpus based study." Chung-Hwa Buddhist Journal, 25, 129-148.
  • 2012c. Horn, Stephen W. and Kerri L. Russell. "Null pronouns in selected subordinate clauses in Old Japanese." Acta Linguistica Hafniensia: International Journal of Linguistics, 44:2, 207-226.
  • 2010. Frellesvig, Bjarke, Stephen W. Horn, Kerri L. Russell, and Peter Sells. "Verb Semantics and Argument Realization in Pre-Modern Japanese: A Preliminary Study of Compound Verbs in Old Japanese." Gengo Kenkyū, 138, 25-65.
  • 2006. Russell, Kerri L. A reconstruction and morphophonemic analysis of proto-Japonic verbal morphology. PhD Dissertation. University of Hawai‘i at Manoa.
  • 2003a. Russell, Kerri. "Contraction and Monophthongization in Old Japanese." in Osada Toshiki and Alexander Vovin (eds.). Nihongo keitōron no genzai/Perspectives on the Origins of the Japanese Language. pp. 511-539. Kyoto: Nichibunken.
  • 2003b. Russell, Kerri. "Review of A Descriptive Grammar of Early Old Japanese Prose by John R. Bentley." (Brill's Japanese Studies Library, Vol. 15. Leiden, Netherlands: Brill). Diachronica, 20.2: 363-365.